In terms of conscience we are a like-minded team; devoting a sizeable proportion of our time to creating, developing and realising ideas for social and cultural causes.

  • WristbandThumb


    A unique project tracing the emotional journey of refugees, provoking reflection and daring us to respond.
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    Kay Doble

    Branding a traditional craft with a fresh perspective focusing on natural materials, traditional processes, and the artistic element of taxidermy.
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    The Wilson

    Renaming and positioning Cheltenham’s art gallery and museum as it relaunches for an international audience.
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  • Behold the man_retina

    Behold the Man

    ‘Behold the Man’ is a social photographic art project. An exploration of mind, body & soul through a two-year collaboration with Alan Dainton, a homeless beggar battling addiction.
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  • Roots&Boots

    Roots and Boots

    An award winning identity for a small but expert gardening company…
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  • Bread_tin_Thumbnail_Retina

    The Bread Tin

    GivingWorks, a UK registered charity, was set up to encourage philanthropy. When they approached us they were looking for a name and branding idea to launch their new initiative.
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  • St_kea_retina

    St Kea

    Rather than just preach to the converted, this church in Cornwall was determined to appeal to a new sector of the community.
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  • NSC_Thumbnail_Retina

    National Star College

    Branding and architecture for an independent specialist college for students with physical, sensory or learning disabilities.
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  • Kings_retina

    King’s Coffee House

    Turning a failing local café into a thriving, charitable business…
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  • Global_Angels_retina

    Global Angels

    Global Angels is an international charity helping communities in poverty turn their lives around. With a corporate identity unsuitable for much of their activity, Global Angels asked us to create a promotional brand campaign…
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The Big Cold Turkey Foundation was set up to help support youth who are at risk of suffering – either from their own addictions, or from the addictions of those close to them. As well as directly supporting individuals and families, The Big Cold Turkey Foundation also invests in other programmes and initiatives concerned with youth at risk, or in recovery from, drugs and alcohol abuse.