We have created a number of thought-pieces for our clients. We use them to stimulate new thinking and inspire and galvanise change within organisations

  • allthe gear thumb

    All the gear and the right idea

    The problem with the word ‘Brand’ is that it has been rendered shallow and hollow over the years by its misuse and by false promises…
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  • Orange_Digital_Thumbnail

    Orange Digital – Strategy

    “Everyone here is capable of winning and what will separate us from those who lose, is only 1/100 of a second.”
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  • BUPA_Thoughtpiece_Thumbnail_Retina

    BUPA – Strategy

    “Complacency can be dangerous. Because we’re number one in our market, we think like a number one. But we’d do better to think like a number two. They’re hungrier. More eager to please. More willing to give customers something different if that’s what it takes.”
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  • Soldier_Thumbnail

    A Short Story

    “Creating things together makes us happy”.
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    Estonia – Strategy

    “A national collection….What stands out at the airport as Estonian? Where is the Estonian pride? Where are the souvenirs of all the wonderful things we have experienced in Estonia for me to take home and remember Estonia by?”
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  • KPMG paper thumb

    KPMG – Strategy

    “Stop saying, start being…The word ‘consulting’ is now as poisonous to you and your clients as the word ‘innovation’ is to the world of engineering.”
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  • Moon on a stick_THUMBNAIL_RETINA

    Moon on a Stick

    “Our first foray into the world of newspaper publishing….In this publication we have attempted to show how creative thinking can innovate, inspire and change things for the better.”
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  • nomojo

    Orange – Strategy

    “Like a relationship, brands tend to start losing their way around the ‘seven year itch’ mark. At this point in a relationship, flowers aren’t enough. And talking about yourself will almost certainly begin the divorce proceedings.”
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  • Creed_Thoughtpiece_Thumbnail_Retina

    Creed Food Services – Strategy

    “Those companies in the future who provide ‘Real Service’ by going beyond the call of duty are tomorrow’s businesses that we’ll all admire. It’s the difference between being liked and being compelling.”
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