PEEL: Exploring Self Identity

Social media, self expression and self identity present growing problems for young people. Trying to establish a true identity, whilst finding themselves within a ‘selfie’ culture of carefully curated Facebook and Instagram lives, has never been harder for young people. With this in mind, Marksteen decided to create a project that would help young people explore, accept and appreciate who they really are.

The PEEL exhibition and accompanying book are the culmination of a three-year study. Working with groups of young people, photography and poetry were used to explore their identity and uncover who they are rather than just what they look like.

The exhibition will open at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden during London Fashion Week. A special lenticular printing technology enables the exhibition prints to be viewed as a poem from one angle and a photographic portrait from another. The first edition of the PEEL book will also be launched at the private view.

The overall objective of the PEEL project is to help build resilience in young people by guiding them towards a greater understanding of who they are and a deeper and more positive expression of their identity that in turn aggregates a richer understanding and compassion towards others.

The project is structured in a way that enables teachers and youth leaders to create and manage their own PEEL programmes.

For more information visit the PEEL website:

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